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In Memoriam

In the horror of the ongoing expose of infanticide mills, one image has stood out in my mind, my heart, and my shuddering soul.  I do not know if it is a real photo, or if it has been digitally altered- the article it illustrated was exaggerated and hyperbolic, and taking and publishing such a photo would carry certain risks.  And yet, whether the image was truly a photo, or merely an artistic digital representation of fact, it broke my heart. Because I’ve “seen” something like it before.

The image purported to show one of the children mutilated for “parts”: a head here, a leg there, something unnameable in the foreground.  It was intended to have a shock factor, but while most peope can feel shocked and be proud of themselves for their humaneness, I couldn’t so easily  be content in my self-righteousness.  Because this is my horror, this is what I have seen in my mind’s eye, and feared and imagined.  Ever since my stillborn son was returned to me after autopsy in a bloody plastic shopping bag.

This is not something I have ever publicly shared, because it was, and should be a private horror.  I respected and loved my son too much to present him before the public as the victim of the calloused and immoral medical community.  But this is the reality: when you allow the “guardians of the public health” to deny their vows in disrespecting the genesis and essence of life, do not expect them to preserve a respect for your life or love of your humanity.

I do not know if the Russian medical community uses the corpses of babies for experiments.  I would imagine they do, but I have no means of knowing.  But they don’t have to sell babies, or experiment, to destroy their souls.  The current scandal is horrible, frightful, disgusting, unthinkable, revolting- but so is the infanticide of over 3,000 babies every day.  Would eliminating the evidence of murder in a nice, tidy incinerator make the horror any less of a holocaust?  This unconscionable parceling out of humanity is not worse than the original murder- it is only the next step.  Shudder in horror, yes, but shiver in fear.

Another doubtful article suggested the satanists  hold rituals and sacrifices in abortion clinics.  Again, I mistrusted the origin of the article.  And yet, there do not need to be black-robed warlocks, or whatever they call themselves, in attendance to make infanticide a satanic ritual.  God created life.  God created man.  God created procreation, in fact, and He created birth, motherhood, and families.  The wilful taking of innocent life (and I’m not talking about sin nature here) is an alliance with the devil and active rebellion against God.  The murder of babies for promise of monetary gain is the most literal picture of selling one’s soul to the devil that we could imagine.  It is not only a betrayal of the Hippocrates oath, and any other oath a self-respecting doctor might take.  It is a betrayal of humanity and life itself, and it is not going too far to say it is a betrayal of that doctor’s own creation in God’s image.  Is abortion a satanic ritual?  In the clearest, most essential sense of the word.  Not play-acting misanthropes who think it’s fun to challenge society with a lot of weird occult symbols they don’t fully understand.  These are men and women who in their free will choose to be a part of a true cult of death and destruction.  And when we do nothing but tsk-tsk about this cult, we allow it to continue, we allow it to grow, and selfishly speaking, we curse our own future.

As my husband’s niece told me, in my first horror after burying my son- dead due to malpractice, mutilated for no purpose (the autopsy revealed nothing, but that he was completely healthy), and disrespected by his doctors even in the tragedy of his death- “Why should they think anything of it?  They’re up to their armpits in the blood of the babies they’ve aborted.”  I had to argue with several doctors to make them even agree to release my son’s body to me to be buried.  They asked why I would bother- they told me that normally they bury “all of those” together.  They told me to bring a coffin, and not to open it- and then they tossed a plastic bag in the coffin, and dumped the receiving blanket I brought on top.

And don’t think this is just an instance of bad social medicine in a struggling, semi-Third World country.  This is what happens when people are permitted to take innocent life with impunity.  It destroys their souls.  The Lord Jesus Christ came to bring us Life; the doctors embracing the cult of death are embracing the antichrist.

I am not a theologian.  I cannot prove whether or not a soul can die, independently of the body.  I cannot tell you at what point God gives men over to their reprobate minds, and denies them repentance.  Nor am I a true historian, to quote the dates and specific latitude/longitude of cultures that embraced death.  But I am someone who has lived a horror, and seen parallels, both modern and historic.  Whenever a culture loses wonder and respect for life, it loses humanity; the greater the disregard for life, the more animalistic and inhumane the culture.  Whenever a culture loses sight of man’s creation in God’s image, it loses wonder and respect for life.  If we are divinely created, there is something to respect; if we are randomly generated by a void, there is nothing more to respect in our lives than in any other molecules.  Disrespecting our lives, we hate them; hating our lives, we hate those around us, and their pointless lives that underscore the pointlessness of our own. And then- we embrace death.

I think it is something to keep in mind that one of the specific instances described in scripture of a culture cursed to destruction was an ancient nation that practiced sacrifice of its children to Moloch.  God commanded the Israelites to completely obliterate this nation, men, women, and children (which seems counterintuitive, except that the children were already indoctrinated in the cult of death).  This strikes us as not only harsh, but horrible and unbelievable in modern times.  But this is how seriously God sees the sin of child sacrifice, and the guilt of its perpetrators. Thankfully, we are only commanded to speak the truth now, not to violently enforce it.  And yet we blush even to speak out too strongly.

I do not want to be bitter and hateful towards the doctors who wronged my son and I.  I am angry; it was an evil and unjust act.  At the same time, I know that those doctors are sinners in need of God’s grace just as I am, and their deeds were organic to their sin natures, and even justifiable in their minds.  Nor do I hate the women I know who have had abortions.  Most of my friends in Russia – where abortion is even more common than in America- have had abortions.  They know that I believe this is sin.  They also know that I believe Christ died for all sins.  I am not judging- that word warped out of meaning in modern usage- anyone.  But I am not going to shy from Truth either.  Killing a baby, at any age, in or out of the womb, is sin.  It is a direct rebellion against God who created life and man in His own image.  Perpetuating and profiting off that murder twists and perverts and destroys the soul.  It leads to a worship and cult of death.   And whether you choose to make it your concern or not, it does touch your life.  Selfishly, it affects the doctors on whom you may eventually rely for the continuation of your life.  It affects the people whom you meet or could have met.  But more than self-preservation- which is what the abortionists are arguing for, anyway- think of just one child.  Created in the image of God.  And destroyed.

Remember how Christ wept at the death of Lazarus.  Remember how Christ wept on the cross at the weight of sin.   Remember that Christ has conquered death.  Forgive those who perpetuate the cult of death- their sin is not against you, but against God, against whom you and I have also sinned, and Christ has already defeated that death.

Embrace life.  Deny death.

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